Clinical evaluation: Lactobio’s Postbiotic LB356R® significantly improves skin hydration

Clinical evaluation:  Lactobio’s Postbiotic LB356R® significantly improves skin hydration

A new dermatologically controlled clinical evaluation of Lactobio’s Postbiotic LB356R® has concluded significantly moisturizing effect after 7 days. An increased cutaneous hydration rate of 31%, as compared to placebo, was observed after 28 days. The study was conducted on 33 subjects as a double-blinded, placebo controlled intra-individual study, with each subject being own control.

Postbiotic LB356R® is a new ingredient for cosmeceuticals developed by Lactobio A/S. The Postbiotic product is a ferment-lysate of Lactobio strain Lactiplantibacillus plantarum LB356R®. The probiotic strain has bio-activity against unwanted microorganisms causing dysbiosis of the skin microbiota. This bio-activity has been maintained in the Postbiotic LB356R® product by a unique production process which both maintain the extracellular metabolites produced by the probiotic strain as well as intact cell wall materials.

Numerous genetic and environmental factors contribute to skin problems such as dry skin, but it is well-established that the skin microbiome (ecosystem of microorganisms) influence the health and balance of the skin.

“Our earlier clinical study on acne patients with our probiotic L. plantarum LB356R® strain, and the recently concluded study of the Postbiotic version of LB356R®, has shown the power of microbes. Taking care of your skin microbiome means taking care of your skin no matter if you have healthy skin, dry skin or skin problems like pimples or acne. We are confident that our probiotic and postbiotic solutions are the future of skincare for everybody who has skin” says Charlotte Vedel, PhD and COO of Lactobio.

Cutaneous hydration measurements are performed with a Corneometer. This technique is a well-established method to reproducibly and accurately determine the hydration level of the skin surface, i.e. the humidity level of the Stratum Corneum.

Improvement on cutaneous hydration rate was observed by all subjects, the difference between placebo cream and the cream with Postbiotic LB356R® was significant already at first measure on day 7.


  • Randomized double blind placebo control intra-individual study (each subject is her own control)
  • N=30 healthy subjects (female and/or male)
  • Evaluation at day = 0, 7, 14 and 28