Lactobio conclude clinical trials of cosmeceutical product for acne-prone skin

Lactobio conclude clinical trials of cosmeceutical product for acne-prone skin

Lactobio is moving skincare into a new era with cosmeceuticals containing live probiotic bacteria clinically proven to work on the skin.

A growing number of consumers are interested in natural and “clean” cosmeceuticals, but in return they want proof that the products have a genuine effect and long-term benefits for their skin health.

As a first-mover within the topical application of live probiotics, Lactobio’s probiotic serum for acne-prone skin is now clinically proven to reduce impurities such as pustules. The study showed a 62% average decrease of pustules, while 71% of the subjects had less pustules after 28 days of use*.

 “Consumers increasingly focus on skin health to obtain long-term results, and our probiotic skincare does just that. We combine science with nature by bringing the most potent probiotic strains to the consumers and by basing our work on a scientific approach supported by double-blinded placebo-controlled trials,” says Søren Kjærulff, PhD and CEO of Lactobio.*Double-blind placebo-controlled study that included 40 participants with impure and acne-prone skin.

Targeted probiotic strains

Traditional probiotics are typically not selected for a targeted function on the skin and the commercial strains available are older isolates. In 2017, the Lactobio founders Dr. Søren Kjærulff and Dr. Charlotte Vedel recognized the need for new probiotic strains selected for their specific activity and functionalities. During the last three years, Lactobio scientists have identified thousands of strains by fermenting all kinds of vegetables and plants while also compiling isolates from healthy donors and thereby initiating the collection of new probiotic strains.