Most innovative biotech start-ups in Europe

Most innovative biotech start-ups in Europe

Technology website Silicon Republic has published a list of the “8 most innovative biotech start-ups in Europe”; Lactobio was one of them.

Silicon Replubic is an award-winning Irish technology news website dedicated to science, technology and creativity. In such a competitive market it means a lot for a start up like Lactobio to receive this form of recognition, Lactobio CEO Søren Kjærulff explains:

We are honoured to receive this recognition. We always aim to develop innovative microbial solution and it means a lot to us that our work and passion is being noticed.

Lactobio develops microbial products and concepts to fight bacterial infections, including multi-resistant bacteria. Lactobio has built a discovery and screening platform to identify the best probiotic strains to target microbiome dysfunctions associated with specific diseases.

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