Probiotic dosing cap solution - Room temperature storage

Probiotic dosing cap solution - Room temperature storage

NEW INNOVATION - Live probiotic cosmetic products can now be stored at room temperature

For the past few years, Lactobio’s live probiotics have been available for companies interested in natural and effective skincare solutions.

However, only those with cold storage have been able to include the products with live probiotics for shelf life of two years.

Now, Lactobio’s new dosing cap solution has made storage at room temperature possible, ensuring live bacteria for two years. The innovation will address the needs of companies looking for probiotic skincare that have been hesitant due to the logistic demands it previously required.

“Live probiotics are difficult to work with, but with this innovation, it will be as easy to handle as any conventional product,” explains Søren Kjærullf, PhD and CEO of Lactobio.

The probiotic bacteria are separated from the cosmetic oil formulation until use, where they are released by the dosing cap system into the bottle.