Lactobio raises DKK 10M, gets former Novozymes CEO as Chairman of the board

Lactobio raises DKK 10M, gets former Novozymes CEO as Chairman of the board

Lactobio raises DKK 10 million, primarily from current investors, and brings experienced people to its first board of directors

Danish biotech company Lactobio, which primarily focuses on microbiome research and skin health, gets the former Novozymes CEO, Steen Riisgaard, as chairman of its first board of directors.  

The former research director at Novozymes, chairman of the board of Universe A/S, DHI Foundation and board member of Danfoss A/S, Per Falholt, becomes board member.

Martin Permin, who fast tracked his career at large American tech companies such as Airbnb and has great experience as an entrepreneur, will be the last board member.

Steen Riisgaard can add the new chairmanship of Lactobio's Board of Directors to his already large portfolio of chairman -, deputy chairman - and board positions at Novo Holdings A / S, New Xellia Group A / S, Villum Foundation, Novo Nordisk Foundation, Corbion and Aarhus University, among others.

“Lactobio is an exciting company which has delivered groundbreaking results in a very short time. With Lactobio's great ambitions, I look forward to leading the board work on this exciting journey. For me, the drive very much lies within the desire to see innovative companies flourish,” says Steen Riisgaard.

Ambitions and visions go hand in hand

In just three years, Lactobio has created a microbiome technology platform, which is the basis for some of the first commercial skin microbiome products in the world. In parallel with intensive research and development, Lactobio already has products on the market in the form of the skincare series Bak Probiotic Skincare, which has grown by more than 60% in turnover since the beginning of the new year.

The journey has only just begun for the innovative biotech company, but in terms of results it’s already well underway, and Lactobio has with its efficient microbiome technology platform already obtained impressive results from the first clinical studies in the field of dermatology.

For Lactobio CEO, Søren Kjærulff, the new capital raising, and the new Board of Directors will have great commercial and innovative significance:

"We are in the middle of a microbiome revolution, and not a day goes by without new research results on the potential role of the microbiome in intestinal and various inflammatory diseases, but now also in the field of dermatology.

With the new capital raising and board of directors, we can increase our revenue and start even more innovative microbiome projects. Microbiome research is a new field where there are still many discoveries to be made.”


About Lactobio

Lactobio is a biotech company that focuses on creating new microbial solutions to improve and maintain health based on the company’s own microbiome research. Lactobio sells and develops microbiome products with clinical evidence based on Lactobio's microbiome technology platform. Here, a team of microbiologists, biotechnologists and biochemists identify, select and cultivate the best bacterial strains targeted at specific health problems. Lactobio was founded in 2017 by Søren Kjærulff, PhD, CEO and Charlotte Vedel, PhD, COO.

Lactobio contact: Søren Kjærulff, +45 31318659,