Microbial solutions

Bio-active ingredients & finished products
From nature to microbiome-based solutions

Lactobio’s bacterial culture collection is the invaluable heart of our microbiome
platform. We isolate lactic acid bacteria from humans and plants and develop
cutting edge solutions with targeted and unique bacteria.

Our ambition

Based on science, we identify, develop, and deliver the best microbial solution for targeted problems and health related microbial dysfunctions

Our approach​

We use state-of-the-art targeted screening, genomics and metabolomics to select the most functional strains

Our solution

Restoring microbiome health using probiotic and postbiotic solutions


Bacterial strains

Lactobio has secured extensive Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of several lactic acid bacteria. Our IP portfolio comprises patents, trademarks and strain deposits. Our strain collection is isolated by Lactobio compliant to the Bioconvention and the Nagoya Protocol. We aim to become one of the leading microbiome-based health companies in the world for microbiome related health issues, and to satisfy the fast-growing worldwide demand for microbial health products and solutions.​